Monday, 27 July 2015

A Day in Baltimore

I rushed through Baltimore like no other city. Only one night of stay since the one and only hostel in town was booked out for the next three days for a fraternity event. A baseball game was on that weekend I was there and it was pulling crowds of people into Baltimore.
Baltimore Harbour

Arrived in early afternoon by train from Washington D.C and chuck my bag in the hostel and out to explore the city. Loads of history Baltimore has for America since it was the base colony of England. Baltimore claimed a lot of the first items in America. First Church, first so and so. The city was pretty, not too busy but enough to keep one occupied and not too grime that it felt really safe.
Library in Baltimore
Most tourist congregate around the harbour which was the main sights, food, aquarium, stadiums and museums. The harbour itself had plenty of old and antique boats lined up and the long walk was a present stroll in the late spring.

One of the weird place to visit in Baltimore was the library. They had one of the top 10 library to visit in the world I think for most tourist just visit the library for the old Georgian architecture interior and it was also filled with old books. It like a rare collection library.

Apart from that and just walking around Baltimore and mostly concentrated on the harbour area I could not see much. That’s is what happens when you rush a city I guess for just a day. My local guide never met me in the end for she was busy last minute. A day in Baltimore maybe just enough I think for me.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Visiting Washington D.C a second time.

I left Knoxville with a smile but only to head for the greyhound bus late at night for an overnight bus ride all the way to Washington D.C. Travelling overnight by bus in South America has skewed my expectation on bus ride. Overnight on the greyhound bus means minimal sleep and double the cramps plus painful freezing atmosphere.

American Indian Smithsonian
I eventually arrived Washington D.C and was happy to stretch my legs by walking 25 blocks to the hostel. Washington D.C … nothing new since I have visited it before three years ago on 2012 and not much was about to change. Apart for restoration works which seems to be going on forever just at different segments of the Capitol Mall everything remain the same really for Washington.

This time round I managed to see the pentagon …. But no photos of proof that I was there. Apparently it is sensitive to take photos of the pentagon and if you try ….. chance are that you will be catch and thrown to prison for a while. Nearby I also saw the huge cemetery for the soldiers. We use to watch TV seeing “the when a fallen hero gets buried” on a mound with lots of white stonehead ….. it really exist …. Big as hell and solemn. Out of respect and a little fear … I did not go in and back track to the nearest subway instead.

The other things I manage to catch in Washington this time around was the American Indian Smithsonian museum, a dark museum showing the ugly side of America. The harm that has been done to the native of the land and cannot be undone. At lease with the museum as a reminder hopefully the future will be better. I think it is a good museum, for all the grandeur of museums in USA that propaganda the power and might, this museum shows the other side of the coin, and the after effect of power without restrain.
There is no honour in power but there is power in honour … 

I also catch the National Geographic Museum which was a waste of money. Of all the exceptional good free museums in Washington D.C there is no need really to pay for any museum nearby. It would take a week or more to even see all the free museums. I just figured paying for one could not be that bad and was also curious if a paid museum would be much much better than a free one. I forgot for a moment that Smithsonian although free still has a rich funding.
National Geographic Museum ….. its better to see National Geographic Documentary on TV


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hello Knoxville …. Still basking in the 1982 World Fair Glory …

So going to Knoxville I was wondering how this AirBnB experience will be like since the host is a girl. A young girl in fact of 22 years old staying at a loft of another’s person house while she goes to university of Tennessee which is in Knoxville. Allison was tomboyish but still pretty and the place I was staying was on the foldable spring bed for one. The place felt like a studio and I like a random stranger for a few days to disturb her life but she was so friendly it made up for it.

In fact the place and pictures that was shown was actually her own bed. She would rent them out to AirBnB people and she would sleep on the foldable spring bed when people visits. I took the springbed for it was for a single person so then she and her friend Hannah could sleep together in the room instead.
Knoxville was small as expected and nice and peaceful. University driven town with little industry and still stuck in time as the locals will tell you about the 1982 world fair. I did not even know such a thing exist … a world fair …. But then again I won’t be surprise if the world fair only amount to places from the states and not actually from the world. The fact that I heard it mention by local more than once without me prompting was an indicator it was a big deal for them …..

Nothing like a town forgotten in time …. ^Chuckle^ ….
Knoxville was a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains reserved but without a car I was stuck there …. So close to one of the great national park of the states and I could not even see it. The old town or downtown centred around the Gay Street where all the restaurants, theatres and things of interest can be seen. I spend most of my time in Knoxville just reading, watching movies and updating journals and of course watching the locals live their life by ….

I seem to be doing that a lot in USA …. Daydreaming travels …